The mayor, Mercè Pedret, calls for extreme caution and thanks the work of those who work tirelessly to deal with the Covid-19


The mayor, Mercè Pedret, calls for extreme caution and thanks the work of those who work tirelessly to deal with the Covid-19



Dear neighbors,


we are about to reach two weeks of confinement due to the health crisis arising from Covid-19. I have read that it is now when the time comes for real resistance, when we still need to be stronger, when we need to take more extreme measures, when we need to be more careful and, above all, keep calm, take a deep breath because everything will go well.


On behalf of the municipality of Benifallet, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the health and socio-health staff, the social care staff and the security and emergency services, as well as the workers of basic service establishments, such as shops, supermarkerts, pharmacies, workshops, etc... to the transporters, to the farmers and peasants, to the press to all those people who continue working without hardly rest, with scarce resources, risking their own health because, they put above of all general welfare. We will never applaud them enough.


I want to reming you that the City Council has been, is and will continue to be by your side during these hard and difficult days that we have to live. From here I want to express my gratitude to the workers of the municipal administration and the staff of the brigade who continue today at the foot of the canyon to all shops and establishments to ensure the supply of basic products. Also, show solidarity with allt those who have had to close or reduce schedules. From the City Council we have decreed measures to try to help them in such a difficult time.


Also as mayor I want to show satisfaction for the altruistic actions both from the social point of view, as well as cultural and playful that keep is united from the distance of confinement, that show us how the living, enterprising, supportive and open people we are. Raimon's verses become present


"I de nit a casa, junts

escoltàvem la música,
de nit a casa junts...."


A I end by reminding you once again of the need to follow the indicated measures and to stay at home, as weel as I ask you to maintain a civic attitude when you go out for a walk with the dogs, collection excrement and taking care of the public space. , this space for everyone that must always be kept clean, but now even more than ever.


In Benifallet, we stop this virus among all of us.


Below you can find a note linked to Benifallet City Council with the measures and spaces to monitor the crisis on a daily basis.


Cheers and a big hug


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