Note summary of municipal actions in the face of the state of emergency of the Covid-19


Note summary of municipal actions in the face of the state of emergency of the Covid-19


Benifallet City Council summarizes in this report the actions promoted in the municipality and the communication channels used and which continue to be operational in order to keep the public informed to deal with the emergency arising form the health crisis by Covid-19. These have as their main slogan and recommendation to stay at home #joemquedoacasa #quedatacacasa, which is the backbone of actions to stop the pandemic since the state of alarm was enacted.

Els The usual cannels of communication are bans both through the public address system and through the E-Bando application, the Benifallet Facebook page, and the Benifallet City Council accounts on Twitter and Instagram. A specific space is also enabled in the web with the current environment around the Covid-19 and the measures to deal with it.

As for the actions carried out, already on March 12, the City Council ordered the closure of the Caves of Wonders to the public and municipal spaces and buildings, such as the library, landfill or playground, and the cessation of all planned activities and events. Door-to-door garbage collection was postponed.

With the state of alarm statement, set by mayoral decree the exeptional measures in the municipality of Benifallet coordinated by the mayor.

L The municipal administration suspended all its ordinary activity and closed its doors to the attention of the public in person. The opening hours of the municipal offices are currently from 9 am to 2 pm, with tow workers at the helm providing telematic assistance servies and guaranteeing the transmission of information to the population. The workers of the municipal brigade continue to operate to also guarantee the realization of essential services, among others the collection of the cleaning, the monitoring of the state of salubrity of the potable water and the new periodic service of disinfection of streets that the city council has pushed for preventive measures, among other urgent or necessary measures. In this sense, the brigade has carried out tasks of disinfection of the streets in addition to those carried out occasionally by the Provincial Council. The rest of the City Council staff performs teleworking tasks.

In parallel to these measures, Benifallet City Council has also adopted a series of economic measures that you can read in this mayoral decree to support the general public and also trade, in particular, which has been forced to close or reduce its opening hours due to the crisis. The distribution of food from the Food Bank of the Primary Care Service of Social Services has also been maintained.

Gràcies Thanks to the support of the citizens, different initiatives have been promoted in the municipality, including a VOLUNTEER SCHOLARSHIP promoted by the Youth Association and coordinated of Social Services of the City Council, following the recommendations of the Generalitat de Catalonia for citizen action groups. A call has been made via the link and the particular collaboration of a neighbor of our municipality with the preparation of tectile masks for non-sanitary use to which the City Council has offered to give way to avoid the overcrowding of shipments, also following the official recommendations. You can join this volunteer group by filling out the form at this link:

To these actions are added others of a cultural nature, such as the launch by the City Council of a photography and drawing contest #Benifalletdesdedins and citizen initiative such as making daily posters and playful performances such as concerts from home, live music with trumpet, gralla and drums or vermuoth from the balconies and terraces, among others, to keep the village alive with the JOTA as a standard these days.


Benifallet, March 25, 2020