The Folletera Rock

The Folletera Rock owes its name to the Triassic slates of its formation, which are presented in perpendicular sheets, that is, in leaves. The Folletera Rock has also received the name of Peña de los Orguinse for its shape of organ tubes. In that place, on the left bank of the Ebro, is the fountain of Regina, of notorious antiquity. This Folletera Rock is also cited as a natural limit by Ramon Berenguer IV in 1149 and constituted the jurisdictional limit of the Saracen Tortosa.

...Dono etiam vobi prata el paschuas et venationes et habetis hec onmia vo et omne succeores vetri post vos libere et ingenue cum omnibus ingressibus et egressibus sicut habentur et continenturper terram de Collo Balagerii usque ad Valldichona, et sicut pervadit la Rocha Faletera usque ad mare... Population Charter granted by Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona and Prince of Aragon to the inhabitants of Tortosa. 30 November 1149.

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