The Oficina Virtual de Tràmits (OVT) is used online for official procedures, queries or to get information about the council of Benifallet. 

Even though the town council still offers on-site services, the OVT speeds up most procedures, therefore saving you time. It is open 24h a day, 365 days a year. 

Online procedures are as safe and authentic as those made on-site. For these online procedures all you need is a digital ID to ensure your identity online and it guarantees integrity and confidentiality.

As a natural person you will need idCAT Mòbil or a similar digital certificate to IdCATIf you are a business you will need a digital certificate from a certified authority such as FNMTCamerfirma

From the town council of Benifallet, together with the Consell ComarcalDiputació de Tarragona and the Consorci de l’Administració Oberta de Catalunya, we are progressively working towards offering more services through the Oficina Virtual de Tràmits.

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