#Benifallet from home


#Benifallet from home

The Benifallet tourist proposal from home began at Easter with the aim of bringing together some of the most emblematic places in the town.

It began with a spectacular visit to the Iberian village of Castellot de la Roca Roja with these images by the team of Jaume Noguera and the University of Barcelona in charge of the archaeological research of the site. 

On Thursday of Santa Week, the coordinator and guide od the Caves, Ana Doliu, offered a visit to the Cova Meravelles through the networks. 

On Easter Sunday, the public was offered a tour of the Cova del Dos with these spectacular 3D images of the caity that the company CAPTAE made for the Diputació de Tarragona on the occasion of the improvement of the lighting of the Coves.