Terres de l'Ebre: Biosphere Reserve


The Terres de l'Ebre were declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO on May 28, 2013. They are located between the Mediterranean Sea and the southernmost foothills of the Catalan pre-coastal range. In addition, the calm waters of the Ebro - the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula - shape this territory and form meanders that quietly lead it along the delta plain to the sea. Precisely, the final stretch of the Ebro has been the melting pot of various cultures. And as a strategic point for trade — for the entry of products from the sea into the innermost lands of the peninsula — it has captivated all kinds of civilisations: the Iberians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews and the Christians, where they established some of the most important enclaves. The passage of all these cultures has left an important legacy that is noticeable in popular traditions, monuments, speech and also in the character of the people.