What was uncertain was the newcomer to the beautiful place of the river, caves, food, gastronomy, and bonhomie of the people who make up Benifallet. My village. Our village. Your village too, dear visitor / reader.

Welcome to the new official website of Benifallet City Council, and if you take a dip, as we say in this area, you will find everything in renewed, up-to-date information about what Benifallet is.

I can guarantee once you get a taste of the page, you will want to stroll through our streets.

Benifallet is history and is present; Benifallet, is almond scent in January, Clotxa for Sant Antoni, pig slaughter in March, honey sponge cake in Easter, mones and cakes, Festa de les Coves in May, Firebre in June, Festa del Carme in July, August is the tranquility of the afternoons on any terrace in the village or the paradisiacal nights at the station of Benifallet, in September the biggest Festa:  the Festa Major. The mandarin harvest in October, the Gastronomic Fair in November, and the Culture Festival in December.

Benifallet wants to be the future, so from this website we invite you to send us suggestions and any shortcomings you may find to make a prosperous Benifallet.

Thank you everyone.

CANDIDATURA DE PROGRÉS  1. Mercè Pedret i Ramos       2. Sílvia Folqué Beltran 3. Elies Ortega Margalef 4. Antonio Llésera Margalef  5. Jordi Borràs Faneca​ ESQUERRA REPUBLICANA DE CATALUNYA -ACORD MUNICIPAL  1. Virgínia Borràs i Vicente2. Ana Vidiella Piñol
What is a plenary session?A plenary session is the basic municipal body made up of all the elected councilors and is chaired by the mayor. It is an obligatory municipal body in every town council. The number of members is determined in accordance with the regime established by the Electoral Law....
 MERCÈ PEDRET I RAMOS (Candidatura de Progrés)Alcaldessa - Hisenda, Governació, Salut i Personal SÍLVIA FOLQUÉ BELTRAN  (Candidatura de Progrés)Primera Tinent d'Alcaldia - Turisme, Promoció Econòmica, Memòria Història, Atenció a la Dona i Prespectiva de GènereELIES ORTEGA  MARGALEF (Candidatura de...
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