"I like my village because it has a thousand different flavours and textures." 


Benifallet offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities that can start in the Coves Meravelles (caves) by delving into the bowels of the earth. Fourty memorable minutes walking among the wealth of its mineral formations with its eccentrics as an emblem. After the visit, our river Ebro awaits you. We believe in protecting and embracing it, with its riparian forest, its fauna, its magic, because the river is life. You can sail with our Llagut de Benifallet (sailboat) with an hour-long visit, or you can also do it by kayak, canoe and zodiac. On the other side of the river, you will find the Estació de Benifallet where the Via Verda awaits you for a walk or bike ride in an environment of great beauty. You can head south to our Delta, or to the north, surrounding the Port's mountains.

Sleeping and eating in our village is a unique experience. Choosing our gastronomy, recognised throughout the Terres de l'Ebre, will have you licking your fingers, with a wide range of restaurants and bars the village has to offer. And if you plan on spending the night here you will find the much needed rest you are looking for as a traveler, but also the best plans, as the party is always assured in our town, with a wide array of leisure activities and tourism products throughout the year.
Savouring our best products and shopping in Benifallet is not a casual decision but a great opportunity to taste what is still being made with great respect to tradition and to generations of Benifallet men and women.


In Benifallet you can find what you need to be happy!



Other places of interest that you can discover in the village.
Here you can find publications about Benifallet in blogs, social media platforms, press, etc. Programa 50 anys Coves Meravelles "Fem una ullada". Canal 21 Benifallet en 4K. Canal Terres de l'Ebre I Viaggi di Fraintesa Les Coves en rus Vídeo promocional Coves, Llagut i Centre Interpretació
Terres de l'Ebre was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on May 28, 2013. Benifallet and its Coves Meravelles are also Biosphere Reserve certified.
OEPN FROM 1st OF APRIL TILL 1st OF NOVEMBER 2023 SCHEDULE Easter, may, june, july, august and september: trips everyday. Middle September and october: trips on the weekends and public holidays. To be able to take the Llagut you must be at least 5 people on board. IT IS NECESSARY TO BOOK THE TRIP ...
The Cova Meravelles and the Cova del Dos are open to the public. Both can be visited in a 45 minute guided tour.
The Tourist Information Point is located at the entrance of the village from the Ebro axis (C12) in Avinguda Lluís Companys, 6. From 1st of April, is open all the weekends and public holidays till 15th of october. From 5th of june till 4th of september opens everyday.
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