Phoenician Settlement of Aldovesta


The access is by the road that joins Tivenys and Benifallet, you have to take a detour on the left hand of it, some meters after having passed km.20, coming from Benifallet. The settlement is formed by a group of structures that form a unique building of about 200 m2. There have been identified four quadrangular rooms and two semi-circular rooms, with different uses for each one of them. In the bigger space, considered a storehouse, we can find phoenician amphoras dated from around VII century BC and also local hand-made ceramics have been found there. 


Researchers have interpreted this place as a trading area due to the reduced dimensions and the characteristics of the materials they have found. For this reason, this settlement has the function of reception and distribution center of the phoenician import in the area. The settlement’s structures have very few heights.

They have a double-sided plinth of skirted slabs and filled with stony mixed with mud, on which stands a brick wall or upholstered. 


They had no foundation and rested directly on the rock. The stratigraphy obtained presents a single moment of occupation, from the middle of the eighth century until 580 BC, Phoenician amphorae Vuillemont R-1.It should be noted the finding of a set of relatively archaic bronzes. The site has its entire plant, although it is in an incipient process of degradation.